Artist Statement

For me, conceptualizing advertising campaigns and creating art have always been two distinct worlds. For 35 years I erected a wall between the two: one was work, the other play. In 2015, after a solo show at a gallery in Cold Spring, New York, reviewers identified the decorative quality of my art and I became interested in combining these separate bodies of work.


The fact that pattern intensely infuses both my graphic and my artistic worlds has been a profound and joyous revelation to me. Pattern building is my structure. Identifying it has opened vast possibilities of understanding why I make the art that I do and has given me permission to explore new subject matter with a new vision. It has strengthened my abilities to interpret shape, color, line, and symbolic motifs. It has helped me to memorize an object and rerecord it with new muscles, to continue building a repertoire of marks.


By studying Pierre Bonnard’s multifaceted color and paint application, Gustav Klimt’s mosaic shape building, and the patterns in Walter Inglis Anderson’s paintings and linoleum blocks I gain freedom to create a body of work that more closely reflects who I am as an artist.