Artist Statement

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In my perception conceptualizing advertising campaigns and creating art have always been two distinct worlds. For decades I erected a wall between the two: one was work, the other play. In 2015, after a solo show, I examined reviews identifying the decorative quality of my art and became engaged in combining these separate bodies of work.

Pattern intensely infuses both my graphic and artistic work. Pattern building is my structure. Identifying it has opened an understanding of why I make the art that I do and gives me permission to explore subject matter with a new vision. It has strengthened my interpretation of shape, color, line, and symbolic motifs.

My work is colorful and experimental. My narrative is to create beauty. As the current social fabric of our culture unravels I seek to make a perfect environment.

Presently I am working on “The Lushness of the Tribe,” a series of artworks exploring ideas about plant and human connections in culture and decoration of the environment. When creating I like to imagine myself in a fertile, tropical forest. It’s a place where anything can grow and the one element that seems to be disappearing in the fast, make it and build it commercial world. My work is the antithesis to the  foolhardy exploitation of earthen treasures. 



artist | Designer

represented by davidson pivot gallery | Chelsea NYC


‘amalgam of wildly inventive fantasia’

8/14/2017 Kingston Times




"Play as a Team"                         Nashville International Airport                                                      2018-2019

“Color Compass”                      Gallery 66 NY, Cold Spring, NY                                                    2015

“Color Blast”                             2 Alices Coffee Lounge, Cornwall on Hudson, NY                      2015

“Layers Upon Layers”               Gallery 66 NY, Cold Spring, NY                                                  2014

“The Love Factory”                   2 Alices Coffee Lounge, Cornwall on Hudson, NY                     2014

“Attitude”                                  Piermont Flywheel Gallery, Piermont, NY                                   2014

“Birthing Beauty”                     Gallery 66 NY, Cold Spring, NY                                                   2013

“iScroll”                                      The Studios at 75 Broadway, Newburgh, NY                                 2012

“Made in France”                      CAMAC, Marnay-sur-Seine, France                                            2008

“Evolution Art”                          2 Alices Coffee Lounge, Cornwall on Hudson, NY                     2007

“Chasing Rainbows”                 Painter’s Tavern, Cornwall on Hudson, NY                                   2006





“Near and Far”     The Commons NYC                                                      2018

“Figurative Landscapes”            ArtBar Gallery, Kingston, NY                                                            2018   

Open Studios                             CAMAC Artist Residency, Marnay-sur-Seine, FR                         2017

“The Farm Project 2015”          10th Collaborative Concepts at Saunders Farm, Garrison, NY     2015

“The Art of Healing”                  Blue Door Gallery, Yonkers, NY                                                       2015

“Encaustic and Collage”            ArtBar Gallery, Kingston, NY                                                            2015

“Winter Showcase”                    Skylight Gallery, New York, NY                                                         2014

“Small Works 2D/3D”               Garrison Art Center, Garrison, NY                                                   2013

Member Representation           Gallery 66 NY, Cold Spring, NY                                                   2012-15

“Human Form”                           Ann Street Gallery, Newburgh, NY                                                   2013

“Illuminations”                            SUNY Orange Kaplan Hall, Newburgh, NY                                    2008

Madness, “Light & Dark”           The Art Upstairs, Phoenicia, NY                                                      2008

“Artist of the Catskills”              Michael Nelson Gallery, Saugerties, NY                                         2008

“Hopscotch”                               Curated by Steven Evans of DIA, A.S.K., Kingston, NY               2008

“Members Show”                        Woodstock Artist Association & Museum, Woodstock, NY         2007

Representation                            Painter’s Tavern, Cornwall on Hudson, NY                                  2001-8





BFA, Graphic Design/Painting     Lamar Dodd School of Art, University of Georgia, Athens, GA     1979

Bronze Casting                               University of Georgia in Cortona, Italy                                               1975

Woodstock School of Art              Alexander, Fasoldt, Nelson, Segalman, Cline, Scheele               2000-9

New York Studio School                Sculpture Marathon for Fresco and Wall Relief                                2013






The Living Form II CODAMAGAZINE                                                      2018

Artist Residency        VCCA, Virginia Center for the Creative Arts                                                2018

Artist Residency         Salem Art Works, Salem, NY                                                                            2017

Artist Residency         CAMAC, Centre d’Art Marnay Art Centre, Champagne, FR                      2017

Artist Residency         CAMAC, Centre d’Art Marnay Art Centre, Champagne, FR                     2008

Summer Issue             Studio Visit Magazine, Vol 40                                                                           2017

Winter Issue                Studio Visit Magazine, Vol 36                                                                            2017

Spring Issue                 Studio Visit Magazine, Vol 12                                                                             2014

Summer                       Anchor Magazine                                                                                                 2015

Scholarship                  New York Studio School Sculpture Marathon                                                  2014

Travel Grant                 SOS, NYFA                                                                                                         2008