On my Way to VCCA Artist Residency

Virginia Center for Creative Arts

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https://vimeo.com/11304458 Take a peek at this well executed promo video for VCCA. 

I am beyond excited to be accepted and attending during the month of April. http://www.vcca.com/main/index.php

Residencies. Oh how I love thee. You can do more work. Take away the distractions of daily life and Voila! true blissful states of creativity ensue. Everyone should have this kind of advantage.

VCCA has 25 artists at all times and there's quite a mix of creative pursuits. You cannot help but be affected by the energy that this community builds.

I had to go back to my application to see what I proposed doing there. I was so relieved to remember what I planned for my visit. It's simple and necessary. I want to finish the work I started on my two 10 yard drawings. Yes to that. I must of filled out that application when I was totally overwhelmed with design jobs and didn't see how I could get it done. Finishing those drawings has been on my LIST since last June. We moved across NYC during this time and I took on illustrating a book. No wonder it is not finished.

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My ticket is waiting for the 8 hour Amtrak to the beautiful hills of Virginia just in time for Spring.