Living in a Bubble for 21 Days

May 1, 2018, catching the 7:38 AM Amtrak back to Penn Station. Packing up the studio. Preparing for the real world.

The past 3 weeks have spun by.  I've worked my tail off and laughed until my sides hurt. Exactly what one should do at an artist residency.  I've met the most interesting and talented artists. I am humbled by their genius.

VCCA, Virginia Center for Creative Arts in Amherst, Virginia has been in operation since 1971. That's 47 years. It works. The staff. The grounds. The studios. The setting. The bedrooms. The rest. The quiet. The community. 

It's true. It is possible to get through 2 to 3 times the amount of work you would normally do in a day. But it didn't feel like it. Ah, time travel.

As a bonus I was fortunate to attend the VCCA Gala, a yearly fundraising event. The theme was the roaring 20s and the venue was the most magnificent home full of stunning benefactors.

Thanks for everything VCCA. Thanks for the invite. Thanks for including me on your journey.