Studio in a Bag

The limit on a checked bag for France is 50 lbs. At first the bag weighed 57#s now it's down to 47#s Pray my scales are accurate? 

What am I taking? 


  • back pack and large rolling cart suitcase
  • and some kind of expandable art holder with tube
  • laptop and mouse, ipad pro and pencil and cords
  • phone
  • head speakers (could NOT find! After call to sister she convinced me to let it go. That was hard.)
  • water bottle 
  • europe plugin and one for mac!
  • watercolor + big sponge brushes
  • acrylic paint - and mix/squirt bottles
  • lace pieces
  • sunscreen
  • pens - so many kinds
  • 2 rolls of fabriano paper -45" x 10 yards (rolled together and inserted into tube. I have no idea if they will let me on the plane with this.)
  • watercolors tubes and pans
  • gouache in many colors
  • color pencils
  • sketchbooks x 3
  • scissors
  • decorative paper
  • glue
  • clips
  • ink, pen and nibs
  • apron
  • grommets
  • x-actos
  • tape
  • cat
  • hat
  • clothes
  • toothbrush

Okay. I had to take the cat and hat out of the bag but taking plenty of cat hair. Now adding a lint roller to list. Argh!

Since I will be so isolated and do not want to travel 40 miles on a train to Paris to get forgotten art supplies I have been a bit obsessed with taking as much as possible. And yes, I am going to get more supplies in Paris.

Tomorrow: The art proposal. The one that got me into the art residency. The one that must be completed in 30 days. Call it a mega art marathon.





Rebecca Darlington